Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Finishes

I thought today would be a good time to show you the finishes I have completed and the history of me as a stitcher.

I have been stitching for a long time.  My grandma taught me to do this when I was pretty young.  I was around the age of 5, 6 or 7.  I am now in my early 30s so I have been stitching most of my life.  Other than being shown what to do that first few times I am pretty much self taught.  I have been through a lot in my life and it has helped me in theraputic ways but I also enjoy it very much.  I do have severe ADHD as well and I tend to work on my projects while I am watching TV or waiting at doctor's offices for appointments.  It also has been a great benefit to me as it allows my brain to slow down a bit and really contemplate my thoughts and figure out things I need to make a decision on.  I tend to be a serial starter, meaning I love to start projects and then move onto others before finishing.  That is why my finishes mean so much to me as I actually stuck with them.

A lot of the reason I start so many new projects without finishing the last is something that comes naturally to me.  I have always been drawn to color to the point where I have always wanted to be an interior designer.  I have a natural ability for picking and choosing colors that look well together.  I even worked at a paint store and helped a lot of customers with ideas for paint colors.  That job really helped me see the undertones of colors and has really helped me in my stitching.  I tend to change patterns or colors to suit myself or to add more color and I get an idea in my head for one and I'm starting it.  A lot of times I have so many ideas for the colors that I can't decide.  I did that with the last picture on this page.  I could have done that project 20 times with 20 different colors that I chose for the blue.  I've always wondered if I would be good at designing patterns myself because of it.

Most of these finishes came when I took on a challenge a few years ago.  It was to start 15 new projects in the first 15 days of January and finish them throughout the rest of that year.  I actually finished 6 or so that year and all of those are shown above.

I hope to do that challenge again as it's most of my finishes but right now I don't have the stash of fabric to be able to do so.

I can't wait to add more finishes over time.  I will start to introduce my unfinished projects (UFOs) a little at a time to see if I can re-motivate myself to work on them again and make them finishes!


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