Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January/February 2016 Stitching Goals

Here are the goals for the rest of January and all of February 2016.

1.  Finish inventorying threads and get them into storage drawers.
2.  Build storage unit for closet and get the rest of my stash accessible.
3.  Buy a Stitch in Time and Crazy Owl Family from HAED.
4.  Get shopping list for rest of supplies I need for upcoming projects.
5.  Finish page 7 of Sapphire
6.  Stitch half of page 2 of Cake Shop.
7.  Start Neverending WIP
8.  Start A Little Gobble
9.  Start stitching page 1 of the Floral Coloring Page SAL
10.  Start America the Beautiful
11.  Start Apple Creek Lane
12.  Start Bewitched
13.  Start Rainbow Eye
14.  Start Easter
15.  Half of page 1 of Stained Glass
16.  Start Fleur de Lys
17.  Stitch half of page 2 of Cake Shop
18.  Start Blackwork Challenge 1
19.  Finish page 7 of Sapphire
20.  Start Blackwork Challenge 2
21.  Finish green easter egg on UFO page
22.  Start blue house sampler
23.  Finish Sweetheart Rocking Horse
24.  Start Fractal 481 Bookmark
25.  Start A Stitch in Time
26.  Start Book of ink circles
27.  Start Falling Leaves
28.    Start Family
29.  Start Freebie Fairy
30.  Start Patchwork Heart
31.  Start In this House
32.  Start Jingle All the Way
33.  Start Crazy Owl Family

I think that is proooobably enough! Haha...Tad overwhelming... Haha!!

Crazy January Challenge

Here is my list for the Crazy January Challenge for 2016.  I haven't started any of these yet mainly because it took me longer than I thought to get my supplies.  A lot of these are patterns I have saved on my computer so I won't be able to show a sample, a lot of them are freebies so I will work on linking to the pattern itself.

1.  Neverending WIP
2.  A Little Gobble
3.  Floral Coloring Page (Crazy January Challenge 2016 Facebook group)
4.  America the Beautiful
5.  Apple Creek Lane
6.  Bewitched
7.  Rainbow Eye (LoveThyThread [no longer in business])
8.  Easter
9.  Stained Glass (LoveThyThread [LTT])
10.  Fleur de Lys
11.  Cake Shop
12.  Blackwork Challenge 1
13.  Sapphire
14.  Blackwork Challenge 2
15.  Easter Eggs UFO
16.  Blue house sampler
17.  Sweetheart Rocking Horse (Theresa Wentzler)
18.  Fractal 481 Bookmark
19.  Stitch in Time
20.  Book of ink circles
21.  Falling Leaves
22.  Family (LTT)
23.  Freebie Fairy (LTT)
24.  Patchwork Heart
25.  In This House (LTT)
26.  Jingle all the Way (LTT)
27.  Crazy Owl Family (HAED)
28.  Colorwork
29.  Butterfly WIP (set of 4 butterflies)
30.  Freebie Mini Patchwork Sewing Machine
31.  Vintage Love Letters (HAED)

1.  Neverending WIP

I saw this idea posted in one of the stitching groups I am in on Facebook.  I love the idea so I am going to do my own.  This picture is what the lady posted in the group just so you can get an idea but this is NOT my picture.

I know I will get my own name in there as well as my kid's names and probably a lot of the freebie patterns I have stored on my computer.

2.  A Little Gobble

First Post of 2016!

Life has been soooooo busy!  We got moved into the new house and pretty much have everything unpacked!  The new house is great and my kids absolutely LOVE it!  We have switched rooms quite a few times all ready but I believe we have everyone situated where they are going to stay.  I have been working hard on organizing and getting things put away.  My kids or I seem to have been sick a lot since about September.  This has slowed my stitching time down quite a bit along with the holidays and such.  I also started working for my roommate at nite for a short time.  He had to fire someone who was cleaning the floors at the local mall overnite and I was already approved through the background check and such so I filled in until he got it covered!  It was hard to work all nite and taking care of the boys 24/7.  We have also been having a lot of issues with my ex (their dad, who I live with).  He has NOT been setting a good example for the boys with bringing girls around or being gone to be with them more than being with the boys.  (He left for 10 days after I got on him for bringing a girl around the kids.  He got extremely mean and it was just better that he wasn't around unless he wanted to be.  His loss).  He has turned extremely mean and hurtful especially to me but also to the boys.  It got pretty bad there for awhile so I was in full momma bear mode.  We're still not great but there's not much else I can do than set an extremely good example for the boys and make sure that their lives are consistant.  My roommate has really stepped up when I needed the help and has stepped in for the boys.  I am extremely blessed and grateful for all of his help he has given me and continues to.  So this takes me back to my stitching!


A lot of the slow down with my stitching has been that everything is and was packed so it is hard to get to.  Most of my stash is in 2 of the clear plastic towers with 3 drawers which are still taped from the move and hard to get to in my closet!  LOL.  I have bought something that I am going to put together to put in the back on my closet to help get everything out of the way.  I have also been working on organizing my thread.  I have always been a very minimalistic stitcher.  I would much rather spend my time actually stitching than messing with getting stuff organized.  Another part of that is the normal plastic bobbins and divided craft boxes that most stitcher use to store their floss...I can't stand putting my thread on the bobbins.  Most of the time it gets tangled and it just aggrivates me and with 4 boys I have to utilize any free time I have and I want to spend that stitching!  I was known very well for having disappeared from my online stitching friends because I would have my head burried in a plastic grocery bag searching for just one color!  So I finally found a system that will work for me so I don't have to bobbinate the threads and they are organized!  I just finished putting the labels on yesterday and I'm still working on getting my thread inventoried in my stash app on my phone and put away.  Here is what I have been working on for that!

As you can see each DMC color has it's own drawer with label and they are stacked in numerical order.  I had a hard time with placement of these due to how this corner is thanks to the window and my heat duct is right between the brown dresser and the 2 stack of these drawers.  These are originally intended for nuts and bolts for a garage or tool bench but they are nearly perfect!  I love it already.

I found a great app for Android called Stash Cache which allowed me to input each color of thread and how many of each I have.  There will be no more of having to search for an hour or more in my bags of floss.  Now I just have to keep my kids out of it! Haha!  I think it will be okay because they don't usually come in my room unless I'm in there already and it's in a corner that isn't close to my door or the side of the bed I sleep on.

Going back to the not wanting to put my threads on bobbins, I had to come up with a solution for my HAED projects so that I can keep each color separate and so I don't waste a whole bunch of thread in the process.  Here is the system I have come up with for that!

Each color for my HAEDs have their own spot in the box.  I'm not sure if this is extremely lazy or I'm a complete genious, probably both!  But it works for me!

Now for the updates on my projects!

I haven't really worked on sapphire very much but I do have a little update!  I seem to be sticking with my HAEDs mostly.  Here are the update pictures for that!

Now for my big update and what has been my main focus when I have had time to stitch.  Cake Shop by Aimee Stewart.  This was my new start from my last post.  Here are the update pics for that one!

I have my first page finish for Cake Shop!  I love stitching this and the colors, as you can see, are just amazing!  I got quite tired of pink but I'm not really a pink person anyway!  I did get my fabric gridded for my next page!  Gridding really does seem to make a big difference when stitching these HAEDs!

I participated in a challenge in the HAED Facebook group and the Supersized HAED Facebook group and I got it complete in both groups working on Sapphire and Cake Shop.  As a reward I got this chart in both the regular size and the Supersized version.  This one is also by Aimee Stewart.

 I have my eye on two more charts from HAED.  The first one is of an owl family but the way this project is set up is almost exactly the same if it were me and my 4 boys in the pattern.  Even the personalities of them match my kids.  I kind of wish the biggest blue owl was shorter than the mom one but it's sooo close I still want to get it!  Here is a pic of that one!

As soon as I saw this next project I fell in love instantly.

I love everything about this project!  I am going to RAK three of my very good friends who also stitch and we will work on it together!  It just recently got charted and they updated their website but I wanted to wait for a sale before I get them all.  This one is ALSO by Aimee Stewart.  I'm starting to notice a pattern here!  I guess I like her artwork!

I have signed up for the Crazy Challenge of 2016.  You are to start a new WIP every day in January and try to finish them by the end of the year.  I did this a few years ago and that was the year I had the most finishes I've ever had so something about it I like.  I will create a post for that all by itself as this one is getting long.  I haven't started this yet because, as I mentioned earlier, my stash wasn't really accessible and I have to get my supplies and it took longer than expected.

I have also gotten into bullet journaling.  I haven't had much time to work on this...not nearly as much as I would of liked but I know I can't work on it when the kids are awake as it takes quite a bit of concentration.  I like the idea of having a place for planning, schedule and any projects or lists I want.  I do have a bit of a creative side so I like that too.  I may make a separate page on this blog to cover my bullet journaling.  There is soooo much out there and it would be nice to have a place to keep track of what I've done and what I'd like to.

Okay this post has turned quite long between all the updates and the pictures.  I will get to posting about the crazy challenge next and set up my page for bullet journaling!  I hope, now that things have settled with the move, the kids are back at school from the holidays and lots of illnesses to be posting more often and have updates more often!  Take care!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Long Update!

Sorry it's been so long since I have made a post.  So much has happened and most of those things have been good!  I have been stitching along and will fill you in.

I started watching my kids pretty much every day at their house since their dad works nights and it worked out with schedules and gave me as much time as possible with them.  While staying there I didn't get much stitching done and was dealing with massive drama from the ex's 2nd wife.  She owned the house and thought that gave her permission to come into the house whenever she wanted and cause issues just about every day!  She blamed me for it but they got together when me and him were married.  It caused me to be on edge every day and was just plain rediculous and not healthy for my kids to see every day.  So we ended up moving them to my house temporarily to get us all away from her.  This will be a temporary move since my roommate bought a house and we will be moving into that house in just 4 days!  Most people can't live with their ex but I don't usually do things in a normal way and I'm okay with that.  The kids love it and it works out for everyones schedules since their dad works nights and financially it's a good idea.  So far it's been working really well!  This temporary move to my house has me driving a lot getting kids to and from school but I have still been stitching.  I also had to get my computer fixed.  I tried to get a new operating system on it but it did not like it.  It ended up being a manufacturer defect so it's nice to have it back for me to read my patterns from.

Another huge update in my life.  For the last 3 years I have been having to scrounge to cover my basic needs of living, like housing etc. because my aunt who was the payee of my disability cut me off when I stood up to my toxic mother.  I fought tooth and nail not to go back and was part of the reason why I moved away for a little while.  I finally had my court hearing to regain control of my disability and I got it!!  It was such a hrad road including a year and a half of being homeless or sleeping on friends couches but I have never been healthier and it has made me stronger in ways I can't even begin to describe!  It was a huge win for me knowing that good things come to good people especially when you work hard to overcome it!  I need to figure out what is next in my life and what I want to focus on next.  I will update you on my stitching now!

Sapphire Birthstone by HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs)

I have hit a big milestone!  I got the top row done of the pattern all stitched up.  I tried to do the cross country approach on these pages and the frog hit me big time!  I will not be doing cross country like that again!  While I was unstitching to find out where my mistake was I accidentally cut some of my fabric in the process so I need to try to do a patch.  I have everything to do it but haven't quite completed it yet.  So in the pictures you will see a blank spot where I need to patch it.  Here are the update pictures...

This is the sample picture of what it will look like EVENTUALLY! LOL

Progress pictures on the last full page and the partial page to complete the top row.

Complete top row except for where I need to do the patch.

Current progress and the start of the second row of pages!

While my computer was out of commission I had to work on a pattern that wasn't on my computer so I decided to start the second rocking horse in a series of them.  I had already completed the first one that I chose to do of this series.  I got quite a bit done on it too however, this one at the beginning was plagued with the frog.  It took me numerous tries to get the front legs right but once I got going it went quickly.  I did this over the course of a weekend but I still need to finish it!  Here are those pictures.

Last but not least is my new start!  If you remember I had purchased a new HAED chart and was working on getting the materials to start it.  It was harder than I thought since my LNS didn't have a big enough piece of fabric in their shop.  They ordered one for me and it came in last week and now I am on a first name basis there after ordering this! LOL!!!  I am big on supporting small business and that is a huge reason why I am a cash only person.  Since my dad was a small business owner I would much rather spend my money at small business than big box stores so it took a bit longer for me to get started but I'm okay with that.  If I can't buy things from a local business I choose places that are based in my state over anyone else since it will stay in Michigan's economy.  We were hit so hard with the recession as a state it's the least I could do.  So I got this one started over the last few days.

This is called Little Cake Shop by designer Aimee Stewart and charted by Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED).

Here are my progress pictures.  I worked on this for a good bit of the last two days and I don't feel like I've gotten very far but this is HUGE as it's the Supersized one.

This fabric covers my entire bed and as you can see my computer in the background for a comparison of the size.  This one is going to take me just a little while, haha!, to finish.

I love taking close ups so you can see the different colors in just a little section.  I truly love working on this one so far even tho the project itself is daunting!  With all 4 of my kids in school now I can get some done when they are in school.  Once we get moved to the new house this weekend I should have time to devote to this and my other projects!  I love how stitching allows me time to slow down and think things through while I'm accomplishing something.  I don't know what I would do without a way to relax without this craft.

Friday, July 31, 2015

My abandoned projects...

Since I have recently moved it has lead to me finding new places for things and ways to organize my things in my new space.  This has lead to me seeing my unfinished projects again so it has motivated me to finish one of them and get them out of my organizers.  Plus, as I mentioned in my last post I have been trying a rotation of sorts and it seems to be working so far so this is my way of planning ahead.  I also have quite a few stitching friends that I talk to daily who help keep me motivated on my projects both current and the forgotten ones.  So posting them here I think will allow me to plan ahead but also give them a way to easily see what I have in my unfinished pile and help get them finished!  I took pictures of them all last nite and will add them here and start going down the list.  There are a few I need to find some things for to be able to finish the pattern and I will start shopping for those to get them done!  I only have a little bit left on my HAED, sapphire to have a page (and a row!) finish so I wanted to plan ahead.  Here is the pictures of the projects sitting in my stash drawers.

These are the ones I'm gonna have to find something, either a pattern etc to be able to finish.