Thursday, February 12, 2015

UFO #1, Easter Eggs

I want to start making a post about projects I have started and then abandoned by moving onto another one without finishing it.  The term for these in the stitching world is UFOs, which stands for UnFinished Objects.  I tend to be a serial starter and move onto other projects without finishing them quite often, leaving them in the UFO status.  I thought by posting them here I could get into going back and finishing them.  I may designate one day a week to working on UFOs.

The problem I am going to run into is, when I moved to my current city I didn't bring a lot of my stitching things with me, so I may not have everything to finish them such as the chart or thread to work on them.  This causes an issue because I won't know the name of them.  I am in quite a few stitching groups on Facebook so my idea is to post them there to see if people recognize them, can help with the name and where I can repurchase the materials I need to finish them.

This first UFO that I am sharing today is one I started since moving to this city so I have everything I need and the colors are up to me.  I think I will have Mondays being the day I work on my UFOs.  I don't work the traditional schedule of Monday through Friday so my days off are in the middle of the week.  The weekends are our busiest time at the hotel so putting it on a weekend may not work because it's usually full with work and other things.

This first UFO was a freebie posted in one of the many Facebook groups for stitching but I did more than one.  Here is where the project currently is.

Looking at the picture I notice I missed some stitches in the purple egg on the top left hand side.  If I remember right the green egg isn't working out right so I will need to rip out some stitches.  I plan to do 4 more eggs in more Easter colors.  I want a yellow, pink and blue but I will focus on getting the purple one fixed and the green one finished first.  I will post another UFO post in about a week.  I plan to update my current WIP (Works In Progress) in a day or two.

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