Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Update

Thought I would update everyone on my stitching since it's been a month since my last post.  Unfortunately, I haven't been stitching very much so it's not going to be a very exciting update.  I will get to my pictures in just a bit.

I did move my room around which is also where I stitch.  I had my bed in front of my window which was great for morning sun and daylight to help wake myself up in the mornings.  However all of my outlets for things were on the other walls for things like my Ott-Lite and my cell phone charger, etc so it just wasn't working very well.  So I moved all the furniture around in my bedroom all by myself.  Luckily, after my landlord put new flooring in my bedroom shortly after I moved in, I was smart enough to put rags under one end of my loveseat and chair and my bed was easy to slide to its new spot.  I have to say that I am loving the new set up.  My bed is close enough to the window I still get the daylight and the sun but now it's by my outlet.  I have set up two bedside tables that work really well for my Ott-Lite to sit on and I can reach my phone when it's plugged in too.  I can also now use the wall the lean back on when I'm stitching or doing other things.  It's working very well!  Now I just need my stitching bug to come back a bit stronger.  Life has become crazy but in good ways so I have been extremely busy.  I have something big coming up and I need to get ready for it but I will leave it at that for now so I don't jinx it.  I hope to be able to stitch more often but we will see.  I did work on Sapphire pretty regularly but for the past few weeks I've put very few stitches into anything.  So, because of this, I didn't get very far on my February goals I had set.  The something big coming up needs to be my focus financially at the moment so I haven't spent anything on stitching stuff.  Here is the list of my February goals I had made...

1.  Finish colorwork (only put in a few stitches, I did finish two parts of it)
2.  Finish 4th page of Sapphire (did not finish but worked on it)
3.  Finish 1st page of Stained Glass (did not work on this one)
4.  Make list of threads needed for 1st page of Cake Shop by Aimee Stewart and charted by Heaven and Earth Designs (I finished this).
5.  Purchase fabric and threads for Cake Shop (no and moved to April at the earliest)
6.  Start Snowman project (nope)
7.  Bobbinate 40 threads (nope again, I truly hate doing this and I will admit I procrastinate horribly on this one).
8.  Make list of threads needed for 1st page of Rainbow Eye (Nope)

I did try something new with my Sapphire project.  I was doing all of it in 10x10 boxes which works for my ADHD but I was seeing lines where my squares were so I'm trying something new to see how I like it.  I have been finishing one color throughout the entire page to see how I like it.  I got 2 colors finished, I think.  Here is a picture of Sapphire so you can see what I mean.  This technique in the stitching world is called cross country.

As you can see in the first picture, every 10 stitches there is a line you can see from my tension changing as I stitch.  So I'm trying this for a bit to see how I like it.  I'm worried I will make a mistake and have to frog quite a bit of this out but I'll see how it goes.  If I do well with this I will put my grid lines back in from having to wash this.  There is a big block on two colors towards the bottom half and I may do that first but I want to get the last few stitches done in row 4 first.

As for my colorwork project, I haven't really gotten much done on this one but I did finish the section I was working on since my last photo on my February post and I finished one other blue section.

As you can see, not much farther but I love how this project is turning out.  I am so happy I did not go with all red like in the original.  Part of the reason I haven't worked on this on is that I always like to have a project with me in my bag for if I have to wait anywhere.  I will bring it out and I usually stitch while I'm waiting and I just haven't had the opportunity or the motivation to take it out to work on it.  I have one more section of the blue to work on, a corner part, another side and the center.

As for my next project.  I haven't been to the craft store yet to match the purple color in my Egg project so I brought out a different UFO.  I believe I started this at the end of summer/beginning of fall in 2012.  I have worked on this a tiny bit and this is about all of the stitching I have done in the last 3 weeks.  It just happened to be sitting on top of my box after I moved my room around so I picked it up!  Its actually a needle point on painted canvas.  This is called Beach Retreat.

The first two pictures of this project are so you get an idea of what it looks like.  It's hard to tell where I have stitched since the project is painted right on the canvas.  The next three pictures zoom in on the areas that I had done before I picked it back up again.  The next to last picture is what I have worked on since I picked it up again, which was the very top of the sky.  The very last picture gives you an idea of what I have left to do.  I don't normally work on something like this but I do like how fast the stitching goes.  I did the sky part in a few hours so I will keep picking this one up.  I may move this to my bag to work on when I'm out and about.

For the last part of my post I will do some goals for the rest of March.  I won't be working as much as I usually am due to a health issue I have going on but that means I will have more stitching time, unless I just jinxed myself.  LOL!

~*~ March Stitching Goals ~*~

1.  Finish half of page 4 of Sapphire.
2.  Finish blue part, corner square and one or two section of the next side.
3.  Finish sky and the hanging basket off the porch.
4.  Make list of threads for 1st page of Rainbow Eye
5.  Bobbinate 20 threads.

That should keep me busy enough since it's already the 17th of March.  The last month and a half has just flown by!!!  I will check in again soon!

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