Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Update

Well, have I ever been busy!  I'm even posting this close to the beginning of a month which is pretty good for me.  I can't wait to update on what all has happened.  Things could not be better in my life right now.  I have become so busy but crazy enough even though I have been so busy I have also been busy stitching too.  Funny how happiness can do that.  I will update you on my life first and then my stitching.

As a refresher, I was living away from my hometown (the Soo) and children working at a hotel as a housekeeper.  One of my friends that I worked with at that hotel has a friend that lives in my hometown.  He offered to bring me back to TC (hometown) for a visit.  Saying this was an emotional trip was an understatement.  I hadn't been back to even visit since I got stuck up in the Soo for over a year.  I worked extremely hard focusing on coming home since the day I got to the Soo.  While I was in TC I got applications going for hotels and even had quite a few interviews.  I had an on the spot interview with one place and another the next day or so.  While I was in the second interview which they hired me the first interview called wanting to know if I would like a job.  So I technically had two jobs and I got to choose the better one for my life.  The friend who brought me back to TC was also looking for a roommate.  Everything has come together so well and it all happened soooo fast.  Everything I had worked so hard for was happening but everything that happened in the Soo led to me coming home.  Not only that, it lead to me doing it smartly and not something that can be ripped from under me at a moments notice.  The best part about all of this has been my kids and knowing that I did it with all of my hard work and allowed me to overcome my aunt's financial control.

I returned to the Soo to give my job there notice and tie up loose ends and say goodbye to all of the friends up there I'd made who have become more like family.  Since coming home I have been working full time and spending soooo much time with my boys.  It has been amazing getting back to them and making up for lost time.  I will never let that go!

While hanging out at my house with my roommate we have been watching some netflix series and I've been using that to stitch while I watch.  Some of the projects I was working on are still packed away but I have focused my attention on my big project, Sapphire.  I finally finished page 4!  That's almost 7,500 stitches.

Granted, it took me getting strep throat to give me time to work on this so much the last few days but it allowed me to rest and get better at the same time.  After taking these pictures, I took more while I was moving my Q-snaps of the whole project.  I have a full page and a partial page to the right of the one I just finished to get to the other side of the project.  Here are those pictures!

So as you can guess because of my move my last monthly goals didn't get much attention other than Sapphire.  I am really proud of myself for sticking with this project as much as I have.  Maybe I'm not as much of a serial starter as I thought.  Or I had so much other stuff going on it was blocking that.  I do my stitching mostly for enjoyment so I'm okay with not finishing a lot of projects.  We will see if that holds true the further into blogging that I get.  I will list my June goals and see how I do on my next update.

June Goals:

1.  Continue organizing my stitching supplies.  (I need to buy one more organizer).
2.  Finish half of page 5 & 6 on Sapphire. (I feel a finishing both of these this month is a bit enthusiastic so I'm going with half and anything more than that is a bonus.
3.  Find and work on my colorwork project.
4.  Purchase fabric and threads for first page of the Cake Shop HAED.

I do want to mention that I liked doing cross country on page 4 of Sapphire to eliminate the lines I was getting but I need to see more progress as I go.  It helps me finish to see progress faster because of how I do things with my ADHD and such.  I'm gonna go back to doing it row by row for this page.  I felt very lucky to not have a massive frog show up while I was doing page 4.

I look forward to my next update and since my stitching bug is back in full force I might as well take advantage and work on the next pages.  My job and my kids are going to be my main focus so we will see how I do, especially with summer vacation for my boys about to start.  I hope to be spending even more time with them.  Take care and thanks for reading!

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