Friday, July 31, 2015

My abandoned projects...

Since I have recently moved it has lead to me finding new places for things and ways to organize my things in my new space.  This has lead to me seeing my unfinished projects again so it has motivated me to finish one of them and get them out of my organizers.  Plus, as I mentioned in my last post I have been trying a rotation of sorts and it seems to be working so far so this is my way of planning ahead.  I also have quite a few stitching friends that I talk to daily who help keep me motivated on my projects both current and the forgotten ones.  So posting them here I think will allow me to plan ahead but also give them a way to easily see what I have in my unfinished pile and help get them finished!  I took pictures of them all last nite and will add them here and start going down the list.  There are a few I need to find some things for to be able to finish the pattern and I will start shopping for those to get them done!  I only have a little bit left on my HAED, sapphire to have a page (and a row!) finish so I wanted to plan ahead.  Here is the pictures of the projects sitting in my stash drawers.

These are the ones I'm gonna have to find something, either a pattern etc to be able to finish.

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