Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crazy January Challenge

Here is my list for the Crazy January Challenge for 2016.  I haven't started any of these yet mainly because it took me longer than I thought to get my supplies.  A lot of these are patterns I have saved on my computer so I won't be able to show a sample, a lot of them are freebies so I will work on linking to the pattern itself.

1.  Neverending WIP
2.  A Little Gobble
3.  Floral Coloring Page (Crazy January Challenge 2016 Facebook group)
4.  America the Beautiful
5.  Apple Creek Lane
6.  Bewitched
7.  Rainbow Eye (LoveThyThread [no longer in business])
8.  Easter
9.  Stained Glass (LoveThyThread [LTT])
10.  Fleur de Lys
11.  Cake Shop
12.  Blackwork Challenge 1
13.  Sapphire
14.  Blackwork Challenge 2
15.  Easter Eggs UFO
16.  Blue house sampler
17.  Sweetheart Rocking Horse (Theresa Wentzler)
18.  Fractal 481 Bookmark
19.  Stitch in Time
20.  Book of ink circles
21.  Falling Leaves
22.  Family (LTT)
23.  Freebie Fairy (LTT)
24.  Patchwork Heart
25.  In This House (LTT)
26.  Jingle all the Way (LTT)
27.  Crazy Owl Family (HAED)
28.  Colorwork
29.  Butterfly WIP (set of 4 butterflies)
30.  Freebie Mini Patchwork Sewing Machine
31.  Vintage Love Letters (HAED)

1.  Neverending WIP

I saw this idea posted in one of the stitching groups I am in on Facebook.  I love the idea so I am going to do my own.  This picture is what the lady posted in the group just so you can get an idea but this is NOT my picture.

I know I will get my own name in there as well as my kid's names and probably a lot of the freebie patterns I have stored on my computer.

2.  A Little Gobble

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