Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January/February 2016 Stitching Goals

Here are the goals for the rest of January and all of February 2016.

1.  Finish inventorying threads and get them into storage drawers.
2.  Build storage unit for closet and get the rest of my stash accessible.
3.  Buy a Stitch in Time and Crazy Owl Family from HAED.
4.  Get shopping list for rest of supplies I need for upcoming projects.
5.  Finish page 7 of Sapphire
6.  Stitch half of page 2 of Cake Shop.
7.  Start Neverending WIP
8.  Start A Little Gobble
9.  Start stitching page 1 of the Floral Coloring Page SAL
10.  Start America the Beautiful
11.  Start Apple Creek Lane
12.  Start Bewitched
13.  Start Rainbow Eye
14.  Start Easter
15.  Half of page 1 of Stained Glass
16.  Start Fleur de Lys
17.  Stitch half of page 2 of Cake Shop
18.  Start Blackwork Challenge 1
19.  Finish page 7 of Sapphire
20.  Start Blackwork Challenge 2
21.  Finish green easter egg on UFO page
22.  Start blue house sampler
23.  Finish Sweetheart Rocking Horse
24.  Start Fractal 481 Bookmark
25.  Start A Stitch in Time
26.  Start Book of ink circles
27.  Start Falling Leaves
28.    Start Family
29.  Start Freebie Fairy
30.  Start Patchwork Heart
31.  Start In this House
32.  Start Jingle All the Way
33.  Start Crazy Owl Family

I think that is proooobably enough! Haha...Tad overwhelming... Haha!!

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